At ADIO, we are dedicated to delivering quality service that aligns with the unique needs and expectations of our customers and investors. We recognize and respect the right of our customers and investors to voice their concerns and value their suggestions through our complaints system, contributing the continuous improvement of ADIO services. This Policy underscores the commitment of senior management to address and resolve complaints and suggestions efficiently and with utmost professionalism.


Complaints Handling Process:


  1. Commitment to Resolution:

    ADIO is committed to resolving all complaints raised through approved digital channels and platforms with efficacy and efficiency.


  2. Digital Channels and Platforms:

    Complaints and suggestions may be submitted through approved digital channels and platforms provided by ADIO for the convenience of our customers and investors.


  3. Confidentiality:

    The complaint system is designed to ensure the confidentiality of provided information, respecting the privacy of our customers and investors.


  4. Simple and Swift Handling:

    The system is structured for simple and swift handling of complaints, streamlining the resolution process for a positive customer and investor experience.


  5. Ongoing Monitoring and Auditing:

    The system undergoes regular monitoring and auditing to maintain its effectiveness and ensure it remains a reliable platform for customers and investors to raise concerns and provide valuable suggestions.


  6. Professional Training and Qualification:

    The Department's staff responsible for handling complaints are professionally trained and qualified according to the ISO 10002/2018 requirements and the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Service System.


  7. International Best Practices:

ADIO is committed to adhering to international best practices in complaints handling, continuously striving for excellence in customer and investor relations.


ISO 10002/2018 Compliance:

Our complaints handling process aligns with the ISO 10002/2018 requirements, demonstrating our commitment to providing a systematic and customer-focused approach to managing complaints.


Feedback and Improvement:

We welcome valuable feedback to enhance our services continually. Customer and investors are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions, contributing to our commitment to delivering exceptional service.


Contact Information:

Now you can submit your complaint using any of the following means:

Abu Dhabi Government Call Center (toll-free): 800555


TAMM platform and its smart application for smartphones

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