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The Abu Dhabi Investment Office’s (ADIO) Innovation Programme provides incentives to innovative businesses within high-growth areas including Financial Services, Tourism, AgTech, Information Communications & Technology (ICT) and Health Services & Biopharma, among others.

The programme includes AED 2 billion (USD 545 million) of globally competitive financial as well as non-financial incentives providing support to innovative businesses, allowing them to grow and deliver ideas that have the potential to benefit the region and the world.

To find out more about the programme and eligibility requirements please contact our investor care team.

Financial Services

Abu Dhabi supports a robust financial market distinguished by access to global markets and talent, together with a supportive regulatory framework. Abu Dhabi continues to attract investment in the financial and insurance sectors. Our banking, insurance and asset management sectors are leading the region and are expected to continue their tremendous growth. Significant organisations include the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the second-largest bank in the Middle East; the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

Why Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi contributes 60% of the UAE’s GDP1
  • There are over 120 financial service providers in the emirate
  • Home to the region’s only digital sandbox for financial services2



With 11 million annual visitors, tourism is a burgeoning sector in Abu Dhabi offering unparalleled experiences featuring turquoise seas and golden deserts. The sector is forecast to grow at more than 5% per year over the next decade. Currently, the industry supports more than 300,000 jobs, it also receives a significant investment of more than USD 7 billion per year. We are committed to evolving the sector into a world-class destination through conserving, promoting and leveraging its natural landscapes, deep heritage, culture and leisure assets.

Why Abu Dhabi:

  • The emirate is set across 200 beautiful and unique islands
  • In 2019, Abu Dhabi welcomed over 11M visitors from around the world1
  • Abu Dhabi has been voted the Safest City in the World 4 years in a row2




With year-round sunshine and plentiful land availability, Abu Dhabi is a uniquely attractive destination for agriculture companies with a focus on desert and arid climates. Companies within the AgTech sector come to Abu Dhabi to harness the ambition, ideas and innovation of the emirate, taking on global food security challenges through the development of cutting-edge solutions. 

In 2020, ADIO announced partnerships with AeroFarms, Madar Farms, RDI, RNZ, FreshToHome, Pure Harvest and Nanoracks to support innovative R&D projects in AgTech.

Why Abu Dhabi?

  • The emirate has more than 24,000 farms across 75,000 hectares of land1
  • Abu Dhabi is building the world’s largest R&D indoor vertical farm2
  • In 2020, ADIO partnered with Nanoracks to extend the emirate’s AgTech ecosystem into space3

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Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Abu Dhabi has an advanced technology ecosystem connecting startups, SMEs and established businesses to the services, talent and expertise needed to grow. Recently named the Smartest City in MENA10, Abu Dhabi offers investors an environment of ambition and innovation, allowing their ideas to reach the global community.

Why Abu Dhabi?

  • Abu Dhabi was the 1st capital city in the world to achieve 100% fibre-to-home broadband connectivity1 and boasts the world’s fastest mobile network2
  •  The emirate is the ‘Smartest City’ in the Middle East and North Africa region3
  •  Abu Dhabi is home to the world’s first AI university4


Health Services & Biopharma

Abu Dhabi is home to world-class, advanced medical care and research facilities. The emirate’s approach to healthcare is aimed at implementing a sustainable, competitive sector based on knowledge, expertise and innovation. It is an approach that has seen the sector expand rapidly, offering new services and expertise to the emirate’s growing population.

With the emirate’s advanced healthcare system and strategic location, Abu Dhabi aims to attract international patients as a hub for medical tourism.

To view the current investment opportunities within the healthcare sector, click here.

Why Abu Dhabi?

  • Abu Dhabi is home to leading healthcare institutions including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins
  • The emirate is #1 in global COVID-19 testing capacity (300,000 tests per month)
  • In 2019, the Department of Health launched the Genome Program using AI to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents in the emirate1




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ADIO only provides financial support to companies who establish projects in Abu Dhabi, although our investment programme is broad and includes investment into companies and funds that have operations and investments across MENA and the world operates in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


As a unique global hub, Abu Dhabi plays host to a wide variety of industries 


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